Correction to October Holiday Permission Slip

Hello Parents! I hope everyone had a good first day of U.A.U.! I just wanted to point out an error on the October Holiday form. The correct dates should be October 3 and 4, and October 10 and 12. Please disregard the April date – I was copying and pasting from an older form and this slipped by me – it should have been deleted. The forms should be handed in by September 30. I’m so sorry for any confusion – please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Michele Clark

Parent Orientation

Hello Parents! We have scheduled Parent Orientation for Thursday September 22 at 6:00, directly following UAU dismissal. Please make every effort to attend. Thank you!

Registration – Kindergarten and additional slots

August 30, 2016

Hello Parents! I hope you have had a restful and enjoyable summer. As we approach the school year, we are getting ready to register our new kindergarteners, as well as the additional slots that were provided by the Dept. of Youth and Community Development and the extra funding we received. Kindergarten slots will be increasing from 10 to 20 and the remaining slots will be distributed among the grades.

Registration will be held on Wednesday September 7 at 12:30 (immediately following Kindergarten Buddy Day). You can print the application at this link:

COMPASS Application

or you can pick one up at the security desk at any time. Anyone can drop off the completed applications (including the copy of the birth certificate, social security card, or passport AND the completed medical form). The applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once the remaining slots have been filled, any additional applicants will be placed on a wait list and accepted in the order in which they applied.

As always if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Thank you, and I look forward to a great year!

Michele Clark

Carnival update

Due to the rain tomorrow we will be rescheduling the carnival for either Tuesday or Thursday of next week.

Color War day remains Wednesday, rain or shine.

Video game day, which was announced to the children last week and originally scheduled for next Thursday will now be either Tuesday or Thursday (whichever day we don’t do the carnival.) They can bring in iPads, phones, DS, etc. and we will also set up Minecraft and the Wii. There will be no WIFI codes available, however.

Parent orientation dates and reopened student registration for fall will be announced as soon as the dates are set. Thank you!

Looking ahead to the school year…

Hello Parents!

As we are winding down the summer, we are beginning to look ahead to our new school year. Here is a schedule of the open and closed dates for UAU for the school year to help you plan ahead:

9/8/16 – First day of School
9/9, 9/10 – NO PROGRAM, dismissal at 2:20
9/12/16 – Eid al Adha – Program CLOSED
9/13/16 – First day of Program
9/22/16 – Parent Orientation 6:00 EVENT
10/3/16 – Rosh Hashanah – Program OPEN
10/4/16 – Rosh Hashanah – Program OPEN
10/10/16 – Columbus Day – Program OPEN
10/12/16 – Yom Kippur – Program OPEN
10/20/16 – Lights On Afterschool 4:00 – 5:30 EVENT
10/31/16 – Halloween Party EVENT
11/8/16 – Election Day – Program CLOSED
11/11/16 – Veterans Day – Program OPEN
11/24/16 – Thanksgiving – Program CLOSED
11/25/16 – Thanksgiving – Program CLOSED
12/23/16 – Christmas – Program CLOSED (This may change…)
12/26 – 12/30 – Christmas – Program CLOSED
1/2/17 – New Years – Program CLOSED
1/16/17 – MLK Day – Program CLOSED
2/20/17 – Presidents Day – Program CLOSED
2/21 – 2/24 – Presidents Week – Program OPEN
4/10 – 4/13 – Spring Break – Program OPEN
4/14/17 – Good Friday – Program CLOSED
4/17 – 4/18 – End of Spring Break – Program CLOSED
5/29/17 – Memorial Day – Program CLOSED
6/8/17 – DoE Clerical Day – Program CLOSED
6/12/17 – DoE Clerical Day – Program CLOSED
6/23/17 – Last day of Program
6/26/17 – Eid al Fitr – Program CLOSED
6/28/17 – Last day of School

Dates for Parent Orientation and for the reopened registration will be announced shortly.

Exciting news regarding Fall Program!

Hello Parents!

I hope you have been having as much fun this summer as we are having here at Camp. Our Olympic theme has been a big hit and the students are doing a great job at showing their team spirit! has also been a tremendous success. Feel free to register at home and play along with us (it is a free program…).

We received an email yesterday from the Department of Youth and Community Development (who provide our funding) letting us that they are generously offering us enough funding to provide slots for an additional 22 students for the fall program! This is news we have been hoping for for a long time. and I thank everyone who wrote an email, signed a petition, or submitted an application knowing that there was no room for them so we could show them that the size of our wait list was just too large. They have heard us! We will release the additional registration information in September and the school administration will help us spread the word to everyone. It will continue to be on a first come, first served basis so please keep your eyes and ears open for information.

Remember, our funding continues to be based on attendance. The best way you can show your support for our program is to make sure that your child comes to camp, (or to fall program) every day. We had a 95% attendance rate this past school year, and I think that is one of the reasons they decided to provide us with the additional funding. Let’s see if we can continue our excellent attendance!

Thanks so much for all of your support for our program. It is a privilege to be able to help so many families in the community. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

Michele Clark
July 22,2016

SYEP appplication packet and SCR sample

**This post is for SYEP employees, not parents**

July 5, 2016

Dear SYEP applicants,

Thank you again for your patience as we sorted through this morning. I apologize for the chaotic manner in which your hiring process has been handled prior to arriving to our site. It seems that you were supposed to have received an application packet to fill out weeks ago, and this should have been handled by your SYEP site mentor. Unfortunately, we only just received an SYEP site mentor Friday and your names today here at P.S. 55 and so you were never given the information you needed.

This morning we told you that you needed both the SCR form and the fingerprinting, but we have just been notified that you need to complete the entire application packet which we will be uploading to our website at and return it to the site (P.S.55) ASAP. ** The ORI number and the Agency ID number for the fingerprints is on page 10 of the packet on the page discussing Fingerprinting.**

The SCR is included in the packet, and there is a sample for you to follow. Please make sure to follow the instructions and the sample very carefully or it will need to be redone. The request for fingerprinting services is also included in the packet and the link to make an appointment for the fingerprints is . The three required reference letters have simple forms that just need to be filled in.

Please do your best to return all of this paperwork as quickly as you can. You may not return to the worksite until you have complete AT LEAST the SCR and had your fingerprints taken.

Thank you for your attention and again, for your patience.

SYEP Hire Packet

SCR Sample

Michele Clark
(718) 697 – 5200, ext. 5242 (UAU desk)
(917) 831-8773 (cell)

Orientation Information Documents

Parent Orientation

Thank you to all of the parents who came out last night to attend our summer parent orientation. If you missed it, please check the sign out desk for the packet of materials that you missed. There was a trip form and the last page of the parent handbook that need to be signed and returned asap.

Also, if you have not yet submitted your updated medical form, please get that to us at your earliest opportunity.

I will be posting the event calendar for July and August as well as the trip form and the school food menus as soon as I can get them uploaded to the site. Thank you and as always please contact me at with any questions.

Program will be open on June 9

A form will be going home today regarding all of the upcoming dates and schedules for our last month of school program. Please note that there WILL be program on June 9 – please return your cutoff form as soon as possible so that we may set our schedule. Please also note that there will be no breakfast or lunch available that day. Thank you!